SPA Ampoule Bar

Skin needs Cocktails, too. Our SPA Ampoule Bar gives every skin emotion its individual feel-good need. From ‘Clean me up’ over ‘Bring it on’ to ‘Sleeping Beauty’ – everyone finds immediate help for any occasion. Hydrating, mattifying, glowing, firming, soothing… not matter what is needed, it’s provided instantly!

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The skin’s condition is constantly changing and is affected by countless factors.

An extra portion of active ingredients is needed to effectively influence the skin condition at the time and to bring a rapid, clearly visible improvement.

Dr. Grandel’s ampoules are absolutely ideal for meeting those requirements: as a tailor-made form of additional care, ampoules can be used singly or in combination.

Our 12 well selected “Cocktails for the skin” provide maximum flexibility, individuality and effect, depending on the needs of the skin and the wishes and needs of customers.

Create an Ampoule Bar on top of your reception desk or retail section. Our Beauty Selection Kit has you covered!

 Ampoule Bar Cocktail List

12x Hyaluron – “Fill me in”

12x Cell Repair – “Fountain of Youth”

12x Contour Lift – “Push-up”

12x Beauty Flash – “Photoshop”

12x Forever 39 – “Preage”

12x Moisture Flash – “Quench Thirst”

12x Beauty Date – “Bring it on”

12x Sensitive Solution – “In my Zen”

12x Collagen Boost – “The Corsage”

12x SOS – “Firefighter”

12x Retinol – “Sleeping Beauty”

12x AHA – “Clean me up”


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