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we are VIVARI – we serve Spas and Estheticians since 1995 with professional skincare products, equipment and supplies. We have the privilege of working with the honest, modest and environmental loving company Dr. Grandel. Dr. Grandel was founded in 1947 by Dr. Felix Grandel in Augsburg, Germany. Dr. Grandel and its in-house development and production of professional cosmetics is focused on premium quality for all its brands, products and services.

Dr. Grandel currently employs 230 staff members and its brands DR.GRANDEL, PHYRIS Skin Care Concept and ARABESQUE are exported successfully to more than 50 countries.

In 2019 we founded the brand EpiStep Epidermal Care which was launched in 2020 by introducing its very first skincare device, the epipinpro that allows Estheticians to provide needle-free needling services with 3D-lyzed Hyaluronic Micro pins which create microchannels into the skin and infuse it at the same time since the Micro pins dissolve naturally.

We, at VIVARI Corp, believe that modest and a hard-working mind of business is the key factor for success. We always work with our clients and understand their circumstances. We bend our back backwards to find the right solution and right answer they are looking for.

With the finest products and righteous mind we strive to achieve outstanding customer service